Experienced criminal defense attorney serving the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.

I am a Charlotte-area criminal defense attorney, and I’m aware of the anxiety that defendants in criminal cases experience. Regardless of the charges, my objective is to protect you from the risk of jail or prison time. I also work to reduce the possible negative consequences of criminal charges on your family, job and educational opportunities.

I am experienced and highly qualified to defend both adults and juveniles facing criminal charges. I use my trial, negotiation skills and my detailed familiarity with the North Carolina criminal justice system to work with my clients throughout all phases of their cases by employing coherent, practical, and effective defense strategies.

I know how police and prosecutors build their cases against defendants. I am aware of the possibility of carelessness and mistakes made by law enforcement, and of how that might interfere with the rights of my clients. I use my broad knowledge and experience in criminal law and procedure to seek a dismissal, to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, or to try your case before a judge or jury. I know how judges and prosecutors think, and I know what I need to do in order to obtain the best possible outcome for my clients.

If you’ve been arrested in the Charlotte metropolitan area, don’t give a statement or confession without first invoking your right to an attorney. Contact my firm right away.

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