Traffic Offenses

Know your rights!  I handle all types of traffic violations and can help you reduce the impact of your ticket.  From North Carolina DMV driver’s license points to insurance points, any traffic citation, even a simple speeding ticket can create serious licensing and financial consequences for years to come.

Let me guide you through the process.  My priority is to protect your license from unnecessary points and to keep your insurance from going up. Some drivers think it is more cost effective to handle a traffic citation themselves and often end up unknowingly causing damage to their driving record.  More serious driving offenses or a series or reoccurring pattern of less serious offenses by the same driver, could even result in jail time.

I am accustomed to pursuing reduction or dismissal of charges or requesting a substitute penalty.  I also represent out-of-town visitors, often without having them return for court. I can help you through any unfortunate circumstance. You must take the first step, however, and her today!


Point Value Conviction
5 Passing a stopped school bus loading or unloading children
5 Aggressive driving
4 Reckless driving
4 Hit & Run – property damage only
4 Following too closely
4 Driving on wrong side of road
4 Illegal passing
4 Failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian
3 Running through stop sign
3 Speeding more than 55 mph
3 Speeding through school zone
3 Failure to yield right of way
3 No driver license or license expired more than one year
3 Running through red light
3 Failure to stop for siren
3 Speeding through safety zone
3 Failure to report accident where such report is required
3 No liability insurance
2 All other moving violations
1 Littering involving a motor vehicle


Point Value Conviction
12 Vehicular manslaughter (or negligent homicide)
12 Prearranged highway racing or aiding and abetting same
12 Hit & run driving resulting in bodily injury or death
12 Driving whil impaired (DWI)
10 Highway racing or aiding and abetting same
10 Speeding to elude arrest
8 Driving while license revoked or Driving while vehicle registration revoked
4 High and run resulting in property damage
4 Reckless driving
4 Passing a stopped school bus
4 Speeding greater than 75 mph when posted limit is less than 70 mph
4 Speeding greater 80 mph when posted limit is equal or greater than 70 mph
2 Illegal Passing
2 Speeding greater than 10 mph over limit and greater than 55 mph and
less than 76 mph
2 Speeding equal to or less than 10 mph over limit in equal to or lesser
than 55 mph zone
2 Following too closely
2 Driving on wrong side of the road
1 Speeding equal to or less than 10 mph over limit in less than 55 mph zone*
1 Any other moving violation (including exceeding safe speed, failure to yield
to pedestrial, etc.)

*no points are assessed if driver has no other moving violation during the 3 year experience period

Non-Moving Violations

No points shall be assessed for convictions of the following offenses:

  • Over loads, Over length, Over width, Over height
  • Illegal parking
  • Carrying concealed weapon
  • Improper plates or Improper registration
  • Improper muffler or equipment
  • Improper display of license plates or dealer’s tags
  • Unlawful display of emblems and insignia
  • Failure to display current inspection certificate


12 400% 6 150%
11 350% 5 120%
10 300% 4 90%
9 260% 3 65%
8 220% 2 45%
7 180% 1 25%